Terms and Conditions



Please note all records are graded first, sleeves second

Condition grading is a very personal and subjective “science”. Mine are NOT the same as in Record Collector; I came first (1976) and mine are more detailed, but do rely on my brain, eyes and light! However, bid with confidence – there is a money back guarantee (time limit applies) on all items. All records except F or better are expected to play without jumps or sticking unless specially identified.

M Mint (never played or in "as new" condition. Even the smallest mark (except some fingerprints and those faint marks caused by inner sleeve) should give a M- code, which really is virtually perfect). The same applies to sleeves.

E+ Very excellent! ( Not M-, but better than E, reserved for the more highly collected items only)

E Excellent (slight marking to disc. Some sleeve creases or marks).

E Surface marks gradually increase. On sleeves there may some small edge splits, frays or creases. On discs, my view (literally) is that any marks will not interfere with your enjoyment.

VG+ Surface scratches but should play well. On sleeves things are getting pretty worn or torn

VG Noticeable scratch and you"ll probably hear it! The sleeve will be getting knackered!

G Very well played, but probably a little more music than crackle! Sleeve is probably worthless.

F Only worth having for the label, or to say you have it! If you disagree with any grading, which are all made visually under my desk light, (I rarely play anything) contact me for refund or credit. For reference, the drop-off occurs between E- and VG+. Experience says many discs play better than they look. On doubles the worse record is the one graded. Feel free to call or e-mail for any further information you may want on condition before bidding. Caveat emptor! I can photograph anything if you wish - photos will be posted on the Facebook page


NC - No Centre (only applies to British singles where centre has been removed after sale);

TC - Triangular Centre;

FC - False Centre (taped or stuck in);

DJ - Disc Jockey or advance sample promotion copy;

SDJ - Similar sample or "not for sale" copy, but sticker or stamp, not printed (label only for LP"s).

O.I. - Original Issue when certain.

LM - label badly marked or torn;

SLM - Slight label mark or sticker, + slight damage;

SSLM - Even slighter;

DR - Hole drilled through label or sleeve. Can either indicate promotion sample or deletion/cut-out.

SM - Sleeve marked or surface damage (also SSM- Slight sleeve mark, etc.). will clean –cleaning should improve stated condition.

Picture, for LP- indicates picture inner bag;

Col - Similar, but colour photos;

Special - Similar but special bag without photographs of artist.

Lyric = lyrics printed on inner bag, insert or inlay.

PICTURE - Picture Disc; RED (e.g.) - Red vinyl etc. red (i.e in small print - label colour, where relevant);

Gold = type on label in gold ink.

White label - just that for vinyl,

CD-R - special one-off recorded CD. Where a date is shown this is in my best opinion the year of release. No date means I"m not sure, or don't believe it is an original pressing.

STEREO -specified for LP"s/EP"s pre c.1965.

tape – either actual Sellotape, or those horrible brown marks it leaves.

Where possible, faults are identified in the description.

All singles and LP's show their catalogue number. Phone, write or e-mail if you need clarification.

OTHER CONDITIONS BIDS – All bids are considered firm unless you state otherwise (i.e. maximum). You may increase or cancel your bids at any time to closing time. All phone bids MUST raise current bid by at least 10%, (to nearest 10p) as must all postal bids following phone enquiries. All bids remaining after closing time MUST be honoured. Please pay promptly on invoice - which arrives within 10 days of auction close with new list. Failure to pay only means you will ultimately be marked a dishonest customer.

POSTAGE is added at cost plus packaging at cost rounded up to nearest 50p. In UK all mail is sent SECOND CLASS letter/parcel post with Proof of Posting, unless you stipulate otherwise. Please be sure to advise if you have any special packing or posting requirements. For both Small packet and parcel delivery, compensation is now limited to &pound20. Overseas mail will be calculated at cheapest price unless otherwise specified by you. All items are marked with a return address and, where appropriate, FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE. No responsibility can usually be accepted for damaged or non-arrival. However, we keep full details of when and where everything is posted so refer any problems back for clarification. Although their prices are also bound to increase too, it"s still currently looking cheaper to send parcels over 4kg by carrier rather than Royal Mail. Your invoice will be calculated using Mail but you have the option to ask for a carrier quote if you prefer. I use www.interparcel.com so you can check their prices and the insurance options (but remember that 20% VAT has to be added)

BIDDING FORM Please e mail or use the form on the back cover. If, however, you prefer to keep the lists intact, feel free to use separate paper. Please always double check you have listed the correct numbers.

REMINDER BOX The bidding form may contain the symbol F. This will be your FINAL printed list unless you send more stamps. If I have your email address you will still receive alerts to web site

IF YOU HAVE GOOD QUALITY ITEMS YOU WANT TO SELL IN FUTURE LISTS, LET ME KNOW. QUALITY ITEMS ONLY, PLEASE AND DON"T SEND ANYTHING WITHOUT CHECKING FIRST. I still have a huge collection to sell which is going to take the best part of three years but always have room for good collectable items

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